The Problem

Over the decades, users have become accustomed to creating usernames and passwords for virtually all of the sites they frequent. This has led to the near-ubiquitous spread of easy to hack passwords that are shared among many site. At the same time, web developers have been creating one login system after another, mostly unaware of how sophisticated hackers have become at infiltrating such systems. As a result, very few users have properly secured user credentials, and it becomes increasingly difficult for web programmers to keep up with everything they must do to keep their systems secure. For the most part, everyone is blissfully unaware of just how perilous most independently created authentication systems are.

The Solution

In 2012, it's pretty fool-hardy to think we can develop an adequate authentication system, unless we constantly keep up with the latest security trends and advisories, frequently refactor our systems, and somehow repeatedly get business approval to do so. Fortunately, most of the big social media sites have stepped up to fill in this void, by providing systems for 3rd party sites to hook into and use their existing — and secure — authentication systems.

Our MultiAuth System

We have combined varius third-party authentication systems - such as OpenID and Facebook Connect - into a single fast and secure utility. It is our hope to find ways to minimize user credential management while maximizing ease of use to both you and your users.


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